Metrology Instruments

Power One USA provides metrology instruments including high-accuracy micrometers, thickness gages, calipers, indicators, and more. We are committed to providing leading-edge technologies. Our metrology instruments are used in mechanical engineering, metrology labs, quality control processes, production, and machining applications.

Metrology instruments.

Power One USA Metrology Instrument Quality

Our technically-advanced metrology tools include a full scope of durable and specialized instruments that cover virtually every application. Power One USA metrology instruments offer high-precision and accuracy.

Power One USA Metrology Instrument Precision

We supply metrology instruments such as gages, calipers, micrometers, thickness gages, for manufacturing applications with ranges and resolutions that engineers and technicians require. Our accurate instruments provide process control solutions and are very operator-friendly.

Power One USA Metrology Instrument Accuracy

We also offer breakthrough technology that allows each instrument to track its set origin point. Our calipers can provide needed protection from over-speed errors paired with easy-to-read LCDs.