Power One USA provides a range of metrology instruments including high-accuracy micrometers from the top-quality metrology instruments brand, Mitutoyo. Our micrometers are not only technically-advanced but are also extremely specialized, covering a range of industry needs.

Power One Micrometer

Power One USA Leading-Edge Micrometers

We supply operator-friendly and durable micrometers. Power One will provide you the tools to help you tackle your measurement hurdles smoothly.

Mitutoyo Micrometers at Power One USA

Power One USA provides Mitutoyo digital micrometers with data output, a constant measuring force for stability, and the IP65 level protection required in the workshop environment. Power One USA provides the following Mitutoyo Micrometers:

  • MDH Micrometer (Series 293)
  • Outside Micrometers (Series 103)
  • QuantuMike Micrometers
  • Spline Micrometer (331 Series)
  • Holtest Internal Micrometers (368 Series)

Our range of specialized micrometers work efficiently and effectively for virtually any application.