StS Couplings for Manufacturing and Energy Industries - Power One

Couplings (StS)

Couplings are devices that are built to connect parts of machinery. Power One USA provides StS Couplings that work excellently in a wide range of applications that require couplings.

High-Precision Couplings

Quality, precision, and flexibility characterize StS Coupling as a reliable partner for drive technology. These products are manufactured in Germany, where their quality production meets and exceeds customers' specifications and overall expectations.

Couplings for Manufacturing and Energy Industry

StS Coupling products are manufactured under the strict guidelines of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality systems. The couplings meet industry code for energy and manufacturing machinery.

StS Coupling at Power One USA

Power One USA provides the following StS Coupling products:

  • Curved Tooth Couplings
  • Disc Couplings
  • Safety Couplings
  • Magnetic Coupling
  • Line Shaft Coupling
  • Servo Insert Coupling
  • Metal Bellows Couplings

StS Couplings are all maintenance-free, wear-resistant, and available in a wide array of options fitting many different types of jobs.