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Thickness Gages

Mitutoyo Power One USA Series 547 thickness gage

Power One USA provides an excellent selection of metrology instruments, including thickness gages. Our thickness gages are Mitutoyo brand, the prime, leading-edge metrology instruments brand.

Thickness Gages Meeting & Exceeding Manufacturing Requirements

Thickness gages from Power One USA are used in mechanical engineering, metrology labs, quality control processes, production, and machining applications. Our thickness gages are high-precision and durable, allowing them to be of excellent use for many applications, including manufacturing applications with ranges and resolutions that engineers and technicians require. Thickness gages from Power One USA support process control solutions and are very operator-friendly.

Mitutoyo Thickness Gages at Power One USA

Power One USA offers Mitutoyo thickness gages that provide inspection efficiency and options for SPC output, as well as grip handles and spring-loaded spindles. Mitutoyo thickness gages sold at Power One USA include Series 547 thickness gages, thickness gages with tapered leaves, and more. The 547 series of thickness gages deliver application versatility and material measurement flexibility. Mitutoyo thickness gages with tapered leaves offer a highly flexible measurement range.