Videoscopes from Power One USA

Power One USA provides high-quality industrial videoscopes. A videoscope is a type of borescope. Videoscopes provide high-quality video imagery which may include live video or still photos.

Power One videoscope

Advanced Borescopes at Power One USA

Videoscopes are an advanced type of borescope. The video image is high quality compared to simple rigid borescopes. Videoscopes are typically up to 50 feet long and less than ⅓ of an inch in diameter. They have a focusable lens and distal tip assembly that work to relay quality images to an LCD or CRT display.

Power One USA Videoscope Applications

The industrial videoscopes provided by Power One have an important use in many industries and applications, including:

  • Aerospace, Transport, and Automotive engine inspections 
  • Oil and gas-related inspections 
  • Damage and debris removal 
  • And more

Karl Storz Videoscopes at Power One USA

Karl Storz has been a leader in endoscopic products for almost 70 years. Karl Storz videoscopes provide superb image quality, extensive product range, as well as world-class customer service.