AVS IndustriesAVS Industries focus' on FIRST (Fabric, Insulation, Rope, Sleeving and Tape).  

Using topical coatings (primarily silicones) to one or both surfaces of the fabric, laminations of aluminized film or foil, laminations of film adhesive systems, and fabric chemical finishes. The basic amorphous silica products include fabrics, needled insulation, rope, sleeving, and tape. All of these products have a minimum silicon dioxide (SiO2) content of 96 percent. Silica fabrics can be certified to meet Military Specification, MIL-C-24576A(SH). Fiberglass products are offered with a concentration in fabrics.

Silica Rope

AVSIL Slit Tapes

AVSIL Silica Sleeving

AVS Industries silica rope

AVS Industries silica tape

AVS Industries silica sleeving


  • Furnace Door Gaskets
  • Core for Tadpole Gaskets
  • Seals for Casting Molds
  • Packings for Electric Transformers
  • Packings for Continuous Casters
  • Packings for Coke Oven Doors
  • Packings for Boilers


  • Insulation Wrap for Pipes, Hoses and Electrical Cables
  • Thermal Welding Gasket for Transformers
  • Isolated High Temperature Welding Protection
  • Thermal and/or Welding Blanket Fabric


  • Protection of Water Cooling Hoses
  • Protection of Hydraulic Hoses
  • Protection of Electrical Cables
  • Insulation of Exhaust Systems
  • Special Circular Gasketing

Industries: Power Generation-Furnace-Oven-Refinery-Construction-Shipbuilding-Welding-Metal Processing