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The AX-416 pipe window cutter easily cuts access windows from 14", 16", 18" and 20" length.  A conversion kit is also available to allow users to make multiple size cuts. The AX-416 is simple and easy to use. The AX-416 comes with all stainless steel hardware and one set of chains and cutter wheels. The body parts are all CNC machined steel and all other parts are made from 300 series stainless steel.


Available sizes are listed below.

14" cut Axial Window Pipe Cutter
16" cut Axial Window Pipe Cutter
18" cut Axial Window Pipe Cutter
20" cut Axial Window Pipe Cutter

Upgrades/Features of the Window Pipe Cutter:

  • Bumpers mounted on each end of the carriage. Reduces the "shock" that tends to put wear and tear on the tool, which can shorten it's life without compromising ergonomics.
  • Needle Bearings, mounted at the top and bottom of the swivel post, make for less wear on the swivel post shaft resulting in a consistent and smooth movement every time. These are greased and sealed before shipping and very easy to maintain periodically.
  • The swivel post, which has the swivel body mounted to it, is made with a squared head. This eliminates the roll pin that other window pipe cutters use to secure theirs. This type of design enhances durability, reduces wear out as well as loose components and allows operators the apply full strength on the tool.
  • The Swivel Body is machined to within .002 tolerance to ensure a solid fit.
  • Machined undercut pockets into the end bodies has reduced 8 lbs. off the tool while maintaining it's strength.

Call us today at 956-377-4977 for pricing and delivery.

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