Curved Tooth Couplings

Curved Tooth Coupling - WK-Tex 14-65

StS Couplings
Made in Germany


  • Material: 
    • hubs  made of  steel
    • bushes made of  polyamide
  • fitting  tolerance  H7
  • compensation of  large  shaft  misalignment
  • maintenance-free
  • easy  mounting
  • axial press fit  design
  • high  thermal resistance
  • affordable  slide-  and frictional  behavior
  • nearly  wear-resistant
  • excellent electrically insulation  strength
  • flexible  shaft  connection
  • form  fit torque  transmission
  • mounting possible  without  special tools
  • high  mechanically solidity
  • high  stiffness
  • good ductility, event  low temperatures
  • good resistance  to  chemicals
  • usable for  all  driving cases

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