Magnetic Coupling

Magnetic Coupling KB - Permanent  Magnetic Hysteresis Coupling

StS Couplings
Made in Germany


  • bottle  capping  machines
  • test  produces
  • food  industry
  • packaging  technology
  • Wind-up and  unwind  systems
  • medical  engineering
  • pump drives


  • Material:
    • steel
    • hubs  made of  aluminum
  • Temperature  range: -30°C  until  +120°C
  • contact  surface  have  to  be  oil-  and  grease-free
  • shaft  tolerance  should  be within  the
  • fitting  tolerance g6  or  h7
  • keyway  acc.  DIN  6885  optional
  • special design  in  stainless  steel  optional
  • wear-resistant
  • maintenance-free
  • contactless torque  transmission
  • low unit volume
  • coupling consists  of  two  separated  halves
  • storage  occurs by  the  customer
  • infinitely  adjustable  torque via  submergence
  • in  case  of  overload the  power  transmission of  interior  and exterior  rotor gets  separated

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