Metal Bellows Couplings

Mini-Metal  Bellows  Coupling with expanding shaft clamp

StS Couplings
Made in Germany


  • linear  units
  • machine tools
  • spindle  lifting  units
  • packaging  machines
  • special  machines
  • high  dynamic protal  drives
  • pumps with  axial  and vertical  drives


  • Material:  bellows  made of  stainless  steel
    • hubs  made of  aluminium
    • Temperature  range: -30°C  until  +120°C
  • speed:  max.  15  000  min-1
  • contact surface  have to  be  oil-  and  grease-free
  • shaft  tolerance  should  be within  the
  • fitting  tolerance g6  or  h7
  • keyway  acc.  DIN  6885  optional
  • special design  in  stainless  steel  optional
  • easy mounting
  • torsionally  rigid
  • backlash-free
  • maintenance-free
  • wear-resistant
  • corrosion-resistant
  • compensation  of  shaft  offset
  • low moment  of  inertia
  • short version  (saves  space  requirements  and costs)
  • expansion hub  for  integrated  mounting

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