Safety Couplings

Sts - Safety Coupling SWK/BK 3 1600Nm

StS Couplings
Made in Germany


  • linear actuator
  • machine tools
  • NC-milling  machines
  • industrial  robots
  • servo  drives
  • conveyor technology
  • printing  machines

Safety coupling SWK/EN2 500Nm


  • Material:
    • highly  stressable,  hardened  steel
  • Temperature  range: -30°C  until  +120°C
  • shaft  tolerance  should  be within  the
  • fitting  tolerance g6  or  h7
  • special  design  in  stainless  steel  optional
  • backlash-free safety  coupling  with degressive
  • spring  characteristic
  • precise shutdown  with high  repeat  accuracy
  • comfortable adjustment  by  torque  scale
  • on the  coupling
  • hardened  engage  surfaces  for  a  high  lifetime
  • load  disconnecting
  • multi-position re-engagement  or
  • synchronous version
  • torque  settings  are  also  possible in
  • built-in  situation
  • low-cost  version
  • narrow  bearing  area  for  mounting  parts
  • compact,  axially  short  version
  • add-on part  of  customer  can  be  installed before placement
  • simple  keyway-connection

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